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горячие вакансии в крюинговых агентствах

Здесь, крюинговые агентства и морские компании, размещают свои вакансии для украинских моряков. Для вакансий рыбопромыслового, пассажирского флота и оффшор, выделены отдельные категории со всеми должностными позициями. Зарегистрированные работодатели могут редактировать свои вакансии. Для моряков – специальный блокнот для обработки выбранных вакансий. На сайте: поиск работы, вакансии морякам, крюинг, пассажирский флот, offshore (оффшор), работа в море и горячие морские вакансии.
Сателлит-ресурс резюме моряков: моряки, размещают свои резюме, а работодатели подбирают кандидатов для работы на своих судах, здесь:
Резюме украинских моряков - Seaman.CV.ua



AMADEY MARITIME AGENCY is one of the oldest manning agency in Odessa (Ukraine) with a long and huge experience in maritime human resources management and shorebased specialist recruitment.

Founded in 1989 AMADEY MARITIME AGENCY provides clients with services related to high standards sea personnel recruitment and manning. Our Agency is fully licensed by Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine for manning activities License AГ No.507913 from 11.07.2011.

AMADEY is private company with qualified and experienced personnel which are maintaining good and long-termed relationship with employers, employees and principals.

We recruit well-trained skillful seaferars for service onboard of different type of vessels e.g. dry cargo ships, reefers, multy-purpose vessels, Ro-Ro, container vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, tug boats, passenger ships, cruising yacht, etc. Our candidates are fluent in English and possessing of all the necessary profissional skills, knowledges and documents required for service onboard of ships managed by worldwide range of employers.

We provide seafarers with real job opportunities and act as the link between Employer and Employee to help them in pre-employment procedures, familiarization and arrangements.

Our goal is to expand our business to the highest standards of service and to develope kind and beneficial relationships with our potential and existing principals, clients and employees.

We will be very glad to serve you on any matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Просмотров: 8888
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